365 Days Creating Passive Income Streams

I was just reading a Squidoo Lens “365-Days-Building-Residual-Passive-Income-Streams-From-Home”. In this lens Kim Laird writes daily about how she takes action on a daily basis to create numerous passive income streams. She states that she wants “to be planting at least one seed that will grow into a new passive income stream” every day.
I like this idea and thought that I would follow her example. I will be blogging about the actions I take to create passive revenue for myself on a daily basis. My focus will not necessarily be on numerous streams of passive income. However, I will be focusing on steps that I take to generate passive income.

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Day 32 – Post To Linked In Groups and Post Guest Post

Today I updated my LinkedIn status and posted it to a number of the LinkedIn groups to which I belong. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize until I started seeing it in some of my group updates that the only thing that posted was my website. I guess it could have been worse but I don’t think just a link to my website is going to be very interesting to most people. However, I learned something in the process so hopefully the next time I do this activity I will do something different so actual content gets published and not just my link.

I also received the guest blogger post which I quickly posted to the Nurse Entrepreneur Network website. As I stated in a previous post I always put guest posts in the free section on the site. This particular post should be of interest to legal nurse consultants.

I let the guest blogger know where it was posted. He then asked for some statistics from my site which I provided to him. Guest bloggers might request this type of information because they want to know what kind of reach a particular site has. I provided this blogger information on the number of page views on a daily and monthly basis.

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Day 31 – Update Nurse Entrepreneur WordPress Blog

Today I updated the WordPress Nurse Entrepreneur blog with a number of my daily activities. I posted what I have been doing lately to build my business. Even though I don’t update this blog every day I keep track on my calendar of the action steps I take so that I can go back and update the blog later.

I wrote earlier about having a 30 day calendar of activities that I plan to do. This keeps me focused and prevents getting up and having a blank slate. I have a plan for what I will do each day and know that each week I will be writing a tip and adding content to my website. I am move things around on my 30 day calendar but I have activities planned that I can choose from. So at the end of each day I record what I did that day so that I can capture it and share it with you on this blog.

So far since starting this blog my website has increased in traffic and revenue. I think it may be a combination of my focus and simply paying attention to doing at least one thing every day that is related to my business even on the weekends.

Do you have any ideas on what may be contributing to my success?

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Day 30 – Write Weekly Tip

My tip this week was “Nurses: Is It Time For You To Get Out of Hospital Nursing? Is It Time For You To Become a Nurse Entrepreneur?” I wrote about recently posting a question on social media and the various responses I received to the question I posted. This is a great way to generate content. I also think my readers would be able to see themselves in the same situation as those who answered the questions.

Do you have an idea to share on ways to generate content for your website or blog?

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Day 29 – Looked For Guest Bloggers

Today I went looking for guest bloggers. I was searching for someone who had content that would be valuable for the members of the Nurse Entrepreneur Network website. I found a could of bloggers and contacted them by email. I received a response from one of the three bloggers I contacted.

I look for guest bloggers because I think it adds interest for my readers to be able to read content occasionally from someone other than myself. The variety helps to keep the site interesting. I always post guest bloggers content in the free area.

Are you interested in being a guest blogger on the Nurse Entrepreneur Network website? If you are, please contact me. We would both benefit and so would my readers. Being a guest blogger can help your search engine ranking and help bring traffic to your site.

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Day 21 – Set up HootSuite Entries

Today it was time to once again set up my weekly HootSuite Entries. I reviewed information in folder to use for ideas for weekly HootSuite comments. Continued to work on asking more questions to engage my audience and get feedback about what they are thinking about and what they need.

What content do you find to be the most valuable?


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Day 27 – Watched More Videos on Creating Videos

Today I watched more videos on creating videos. I have now completed 10 videos which is 1/2 of the videos in this training. Unfortunately to create videos the way they are described in this training I will need an iPad. This is more than I wanted to invest in at this point. Will have to see how I feel when I complete the training.

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Day 26 – Watched Webinars

Today I watched 2 webinars. One was on Facebook and the other was on LinkedIn. I watch videos because I believe in life-long learning. In addition, when I watch a webinar there is often a tidbit of information that I can incorporate into my products or processes. This means that I can save my members a lot of time and effort by taking my time to continue to learn and synthesize the information for my members.

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